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Bev 5 years ago
Ive done this in my 30s i am 57 now but the guys came in a glass and we shared there spunk oh those crazy days do i miss them no ive done it no point going back but i wouldnt mind doing 10 guys on a gang bang for my 60th i may get hubby to sort it mmmmmmm
4 years ago
I have also fucked a granny before and promise it is so good.
Assaholic 6 years ago
YES!!! That's how you FUCK these older White women!!! Raw in their fucking ASSHOLES!!!! I know that busting a nut felt like HEAVEN for those dudes!!!
Carol 6 years ago
I'm 47 and had my first g/g and bbc on the same night.
Cletus the fetus 3 years ago
Not my proudest fap ;(
Will 3 years ago
When she got 2 dicks in her thought she was gonna have a heart attack
Advisor 6 years ago
They should go back to prison where they could rub dicks and get plenty of ass for free instead of paying for it.
3 years ago
Hot damn!
Luna 3 years ago
Had suspicion my son was gay he walked in the room me hollering because my black boyfriend was fucking my asshole hard. he told Jim to use more lube Jim turned told him to hand it to him. He grabbed lube Jim said squirt it on when son grabbed dick he gasped. Jim told him he could get some so get naked. Once naked Jim told him to lube up get on hends and knees beside me. Next thing I know Jim had his 10' balls deep in my son's colon son creaming up the bed.
fuck 3 years ago
that was hot